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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions and Spousonomics... Say What?

One of my hopes or resolutions for next year is to read more books. Among other things like attain financial freedom, perfect skin, a desire to work out three days a week, a full-blown crafting empire and children who don't sob hysterically over the mean Binkie fairy for 45 minutes at bedtime.

Also, don't forget world peace and equality for all!

At least I have control over the number of books I read. I just finished one that I could not stop recommending to my friends. It is Spousonomics. Meaning the combined study of economic principles and how they relate to our irrational and profit-driven decisions in our relationships. And while one may think that a book combining the free market and relationships wouldn't exactly work or have "readability", I challenge you to give this book a chance.

 The authors are funny yet realistic, somehow making the transitions from financial markets to housework make sense. I reawakened that part of my brain that studied economics a decade ago and seriously felt like their marriage advice was stellar. And if think you are in one of those perfectly matched, don't need relationship advice kind of place... they have a chapter just for you! I loved the book. Gregory may feel like he read it too because I simply wouldn't stop relaying every chapter after I finished it. So if you love someone or want to or just want to read a quirky take on married life, pick it up.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas: Sponsored by the Thrift Store, Craigslist and Generous Family

 We have just returned to Buffalo after a prolonged Christmas including three straight days of gift giving and many a delicious dinner at Gregory's parents. Santa arrived here in Buffalo on Christmas Eve with some amazing gifts - more amazing to me because "Santa" found so many of them for about a dollar. I have yet to write a post about the epic thrift stores in this area, but my Christmas finds were fantastic. Although I have to credit Gregory for many an item. Ayla's side of the room is plastered with Princess wall decals (AND GEMSTONES!) and Jackson's Yoda alarm clock is by far the cutest clock ever.

  It was so relaxing and rewarding to have one day here, just our little family. I know the years that all of my kids truly believe in Santa are fleeting and it is such a gift to feel that again! And I know that the years we can get away with "inexpensive" (relatively, when kids are asking for ipads) presents are even more fleeting. So add their true enchantment with the season and the ability to be pleased with toothbrushes: we might have just had our best Christmas yet!

 The Barbie car, horse and neighborhood of Barbies came from Craigslist, the Fisher Price pirate ship from Amvets, Hello Kitty from the dollar store and all of the free toothpaste, toothbrushes and shampoo that I super-couponed from Rite Aid. I splurged on everyone else in the family instead. This is what I love most about this time of year. It's not a consumerist, materialistic drive that takes me Christmas shopping: it really is my chance to buy cool, quirky, necessary or not items for the people around me! Gregory and I are always buying each other what I feel other couples buy on a normal day, only nicer because it is a special occasion. We have had the same set of semi-ugly, chipped plates for the past decade and after years of us both pining away at Ikea dishes, Gregory finally splurged and bought beautiful Corning ware dishes. I couldn't have asked for anything more than a new iron (not a housewife iron, but a sewing business iron), new plates, an organizing system, a case of Ravenswood wine (intact with rebate form... for a super couponing nerd like me) and Archer Farms coffee!

 Only, we got more because we then drove to Pittsburgh on Christmas and spent time with as much family as we could. I am always blown away by the generosity shown for ourselves and our kids. Santa brought the highly coveted Fijit robot for Ayla to Nano and Gramps' house. Santa also made a visit to my mothers' and our kids nearly peed their pants when the gifts were discovered there!

Elliot wearing my new onion goggles. They will definitely be put to use. Good call, Mom!
 I will go on record saying that Christmas is not about the gifts... but it also kind of IS about the gifts. I get so excited giving the presents I have been scheming about for months. I spent a lot of time crafting and sewing and on Snapfish.com thinking of fun presents to give, so for me, that is a huge part of the day. Of course I love receiving presents, mostly because I am blessed with family that is thoughtful, funny, generous and with really great taste!

Is a caption really necessary? YES, they all have matching tutus. Ok wait, yes, please note Baxter eyein' up the cheese on the table...

Could we be happy without presents? Sure. But in my life, where I don't often splurge, it is fun to go shopping and give myself "permission" to get something nice for the people I love. (I mean, I never would buy a broccoli stuffed toy for myself, but for Erin on Christmas, most definitely! :) )

 I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas like we did. And of course, every other holiday that you may celebrate. (Note: must write blog post about the importance of being polite about that during the holidays.) I know we really appreciated the chance to spend time with family and friends in Pittsburgh - now that we had to actually "return" for Christmas, it's really setting in that we live in Buffalo for real!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Audience Discretion Advised: For Parents

 I have always been a fan of scary stories. UFO's, ghosts, spontaneous combustion, angels, monsters and anything in the "supernatural" realm. I was so excited the one year at Christmas that my mother bought me the entire encyclopedia of the unexplained. I consumed Stephen King novels like candy in junior high (but I no longer read his books, enough is enough.)

 Basically I would read these books under my covers and really freak myself out. I tend to lean towards the conspiracy theories and will listen to any argument about the existence of any "unproven" event or entity. Who am I to say that the Chupacabra or Bigfoot doesn't exist?

 So being scared is obviously something I am comfortable with. Or WAS comfortable with. In our desensitized existence, I can watch movies about death or murder or other horrible acts and not awake screaming in the middle of the night from terrors. (If that isn't a commentary on society, I don't know what is!) But anyways, my point in this post is that my perspective has changed and I am becoming much more sensitive and generally freaked out.

I blame this on being a parent. Not to say that people who don't have children aren't legitimately scared by the same things... but certain "scary" things stick with me much longer now that I worry about the welfare of small little people.

 Below is a list of the most terrifying movies I have watched, some with all new meaning as I define myself as a mother:

(In order of ability to give me nightmares of least to greatest):

1. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle: This is an old one... but damn, if it doesn't freak you out more as a wife and mother.... I feel skeevy all over thinking that another woman would try to breastfeed my child as a means of manipulation! Ewww, ewww, EWWW!

 2. Contagion: Yes, the concept has been done before. World wide epidemic, no cure. But this movie was portrayed very realistically and since I live in a sea of germs, it is horrifying to think how quickly my family would succumb to a virus. This particular virus started with a hacking cough that is eerily familiar to the cold I maintained a few weeks ago. We share drinks; boogers are everywhere: there isn't enough hand sanitizer or Lysol to save a family with three kids.

 3. The Good Son: I thought you were so cute, McCauley Caulkin! But seriously, what is a parent to do when they find that their kid is a psychopath? Because it happens. For real.

4. The Lovely Bones: (this should also be on the Caution! Very Sad Reading Ahead list) This film makes me want to teach my kids to view every adult as a predator until proven innocent. I am not, don't worry, because a paranoid life is not a happy one. But still....

5. Paranormal Activity 2: The other two movies in this trilogy were scary indeed. But they pale in comparison to the trauma of imagining your baby being tormented and then kidnapped by a demon. We watched this movie shortly after moving into this house and I was freaked out for weeks. New house, new noises and my kids wake up at very ominous hours of the night. 3:33... both Elliot and Jackson are awakened at the same time on different floors. And I am supposed to be brave enough to get out of bed and comfort them?

 There could be an entire line of horror movies geared towards parents. I am already there! What seemed scary about ghosts and goblins and aliens from space take on a whole new dimension as a parent. Am I alone here? What movies would you add to the do-not-watch list for parents?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mom vs The Dining Room Table

 Most milestones that babies reach are pretty cute. Smiling, sitting up, rolling over, feeding themselves, babbling and especially learning sign language are all pretty helpful developments. 
Walking can be amazing too, once they get a hang of it. 

Elliot has mastered all of these skills and my heart bursts with pride. My heart also skips many a beat as he masters his latest skill: CLIMBING.

Excessive, ridiculous, repetitive climbing. I now trust him to safely take himself up and down stairs, even the scary basement ones. I can leave him safely to put himself on and off the couch without fearing a major head injury. 

But there is one major safety hazard that can't be avoided. The damn dining room table. Most days, Elliot is not happy unless he is standing on top of the table. Gleefully stomping on my papers, spilling drinks, throwing crayons and making Ayla insane with frustration as she tries to draw. 

It takes a minimum of 4 seconds for him to scale a chair and scream with delight as he presses his dirty little hands and face on the window. This all occurs while we attempt impossible tasks like making dinner or washing dishes. Ayla and Jackson have now taken it upon themselves to build barricades and drag Elliot away from the table. Pure family fun! 

We have never been big on "baby-proofing" our house, and honestly, it has never been a problem. My kids manage to hurt themselves on pillows, grass and their own feet instead of dangerous chemicals. And Elliot's obsession with the table proves that no home can be safe! That is, unless you want to live without furniture. 

Enjoy these photos of our daily insanity!

How could I say no to Jackson when Elliot is on the table 5 hours a day?

Maybe Elliot will love drawing like his sister... he breaks into her art stash constantly.

Yep! Gotz to be on the chair.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Father Christmas

 This time a year ago, Gregory was still in Oklahoma and I was preparing to move out of our house. The mood was a little grim, a little bah humbug and I certainly didn't have the inclination to decorate for Christmas after spending most of my days cleaning out closets and taking every unnecessary item to Goodwill.

  Fast forward a year and we have gone Christmas bonkers here in Buffalo!

It took Gregory about five minutes after Thanksgiving to put up icicle lights outside and we were scouting for trees the first available weekend. It makes this "temporary" home feel cozy and loved... although we don't know if we will spend one or several holiday seasons here.

 The spirit is strong, but our available space is not. With three sets of little hands to grab at ornaments, family heirlooms and very breakable lights... most of our decorating has been limited to the living room. Please enjoy the tour...

Hand-knit stockings! I am very lucky that my Aunt Janice has continued the tradition.

Little incense man and my extreme-couponed free pointsetta.

These hecklers have to be kept in a safe place!

How about this sassy bird? Thanks Nano!

A ceramic tree I've had since I was little. Totally unsafe though... the bulb inside is unreasonably hot.
  We had fun visiting the local nursery(s) to shop for a tree. Two stops meant two visits with Santa and double doses of candy canes. The first place was a little too pricey for my taste - although every tree was magnificent. But who buys a 12 foot tree for $160??? The second place, Adams Nursery, had a wee little tree for our wee low ceilings here. Then we got our decorating on.

 (And off, because Elliot promptly removed many of the ornaments. He is worse than a cat!)

Jackson is embracing his weirdness.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Elfabet, You Elfabet

 He has returned for another holiday season of threats, warnings, midnight wandering, secrets and mysterious promises to report to Santa with our family's every move...

 I am talking about our Elf on a Shelf - Elfabet!

 We were given this book and personal "elf" by some of Gregory's most loyal customers at the Outback two years ago, and we have loved his antics. Our Elfabet watches our children for good behavior (beginning the day after Thanksgiving) and travels to the North Pole nightly to give Santa the full report. Then when he returns, he is found in yet another random spot around the house.

 The second most endearing thing to me, of course, is the high value of threatening that Elfabet will give a bad report if there is fighting in the house. I'm pretty sure that is the first reason that this book is a top seller. Several times a day, you will hear me yell, "Stop hitting! Share with Elliot! Or else Elfabet is going to tell Santa!"

 What is the most endearing thing about our Elf on a Shelf?

  The fact that Ayla and Jackson truly believe with their beautiful, innocent hearts that Elfabet gets up, travels to the North Pole and then returns to be with our family. Ayla asks about every five minutes if Elfabet has moved and when he does... man, she and Jackson run from room to room with anticipation. When they find him, they giggle and then discuss how exactly he jumped from the furniture to the mantle to the window and so on. 

 Our house has limited "out of reach" elf hiding spots... so right now, Elfabet is sitting in the gravy boat in a kitchen cabinet. If I were a semi-creepy but really cute plastic elf, that's exactly where I would want to be too. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I No Like Dead Turkey

As we were preparing to fill our plates with Thanksgiving deliciousness, I overheard a little conversation...

Ayla (pointing at the turkey in her big sister voice) : "This is a dead turkey. It tastes really good."

Jackson : "I no like dead turkey!!"

PETA would be proud, if only for the words spoken, because we promptly ate dead delicious turkey.

I am most thankful for my weirdo kids and their weird words.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bring on the Bubbly

 As we all start our travels (or bar hopping!) for the Holiday weekend, I thought I would share a delicious, exciting find at our Western NY grocery store. 

 Before you gag at the thought of eggnog flavored soda water - just let me state my case! The seasonal flavors are just that - seasonal and temporary - and worth trying at least once. The cinnamon flavor was pretty tasty and when mixed with a little whiskey and ice, it became pretty dang tasty.

 Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

STOP! Did Jackson Wee-Wee?

 I wasn't sure this post needed a title with the picture of this home-made stop sign (courtesy of Gregory's master mind)... really, all we need to do is STOP and make sure Jackson wee wee'd. That is the secret to success.

 We have been sharing this computer with Jackson much more than usual. I have been lucky enough to get some Etsy sales and some commissioned sewing work from friends, and well, the computer games keep Jackson very happy. We spend a lot of afternoons sitting next to each other while he plays matching games and I annoy him with the sound of the sewing machine.

The only problem is that he often zones out and has a potty accident. (Which is very frustrating because he's been pretty much awesome for months now!) It's that mind-numbing effect of technology. So the new rule is that he must use the bathroom before logging onto PBS Kids.

 And in related news, Elliot had a bit of an episode in the tub the other night. All babies do it at one point or another... and the upside is that I finally sanitized and bleached all of the bath toys. But tonight, Ayla freaked out and yelled that Elliot had pooped again and there was a frantic emergency evacuation of the bathtub.

 Only it wasn't excrement... just a brown Jawa Star Wars toy. It could happen to anyone, right?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Gimme some fries with that Shake!

All of the parents were talking about "watch week" like it was the world premiere of the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show... okay, maybe I am the only one thinking of MJ.... let's just say we were excited.

We couldn't wait to get in that little dance studio and find out what our kids have been learning for the last two months.

Hopefully this video shows just how much shaking and grooving is going on in Bowmansville NY on Saturday mornings. The only footage missing is when Elliot got out on the dance floor and had more spunk than most of the 3 year olds! That boy has rhythm.

I can now check one item off of my life goals... to witness my kids tap dancing. All we need now are some top hats, sequins and jazz hands!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State Morality: Fail.

 It has been awhile since I have written an angry, outraged blog. There are many happy things going on in the world right now (my cousin just had a sweet baby girl, for example). However, humanity never disappoints to behave terribly and make me question what is wrong with our values!

  Yes, I am going to spout my opinion about this Penn State molestation cover-up garbage. If Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier and others did ignore or cover-up evidence of child molestation ... and I do realize that this still has to be processed in a court of law... then they deserved to be fired. At the very least fired.

 Why do so many people value effing FOOTBALL (and sports in general) above common morality? WHY? It is beyond absurd. Men who play sports and men who coach sports do NOT get a pass on behaving like normal human beings. It is not okay to value an institution over a person (or persons since this psycho Sandusky had 15 years of opportunities to abuse kids!).

 I went to Penn State. I know that students there will find a reason to riot, if not just to exercise their stupidity and desire to move in large groups like cattle. How these things get started and how they get so out of control is beyond me. I am going to believe that their displays are misguided emotions. This is shocking news to us all: we know that this kind of evil exists in the world and it is awful to find out that someone who had our respect could be so callous. So instead of being angry at the right source (the administration, Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky), students and many adults who should know better, are angry that these men are being punished. But haven't we figured out by now that power/success/image in the world of sports doesn't equal sainthood?

 The excuses that are made for sports "icons" really are too much. If it were YOUR kid, YOUR family, I hope you wouldn't be making excuses for the abuser. And that's the biggest part of the problem! It shouldn't have to be someone you love or care about - we should care because a human being was hurt. Duh! Child molesters will find a way to be with kids... we need to constantly remind ourselves to be suspicious. Hasn't anyone watched Oprah in the last decade?

 To very deductive: anyone that knew about the abuse and didn't act is just as complicit as the person abusing those boys. No more passes for these grown men that should have known better! This is a very disturbing trend in our media and American culture. Tiger Woods "had women throwing themselves at him... it was only a matter of time." Big Ben gets excused because "his personal life has nothing do to with football". And now, just because an old man has been a coach for a bazillion years, he is allowed to shirk responsibility for letting a child molester get to kids!

 I hope people get over themselves and their short-sighted reactions. Pretty much everything else on earth is more important than a football game. You know, even convicting child molesters. Seriously.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Not Easy Being a Muppet

So calm. So determined. Elliot doesn't think twice about chomping on a Honkers' nose and then throwing him to his death down the stairs. How could I have let this happen?

I would normally object to such blatant Muppet abuse... but then wouldn't he just turn on me instead? God save the Muppets (and glow worm too.)
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Alexis and the Horrible, Terrible, No-Good, Very Bad Laundry

 Here's a little post to hopefully make YOU feel like a superstar! Because I am not - at least in the laundry department. Stains conquer me on a daily basis. Every time I use bleach I ruin a shirt. And now I realize that I should pay better attention to "dryclean only".

I bought this valance at Goodwill for $2 - I can cut the fabric to make pillows and thought the trim would be fun to add to a different curtain.


 Now I am stuck with a washer and dryer full of little bitty strings that will haunt me until we move.

 And a baby in a box (box entirely unrelated to laundry).

Monday, October 24, 2011

Is October National Sewing Month or What?

Whew, it has been awhile!

 The month is speeding by: Gregory has returned, Ayla officially has homework, we made a quick visit to Pittsburgh (look at awesome pictures).....

On top of Eve and Matt's downtown apartment building!
A walk in the park with Gramps and Nano

.....everyone succumbed to horrible colds and I have been crafting like a maniac!

 Crafting and sewing so much, in fact, that I broke my sewing machine. After almost eight years of ownership, it was due for a tune-up. And while I wasn't happy to hear about a repair, it was a relief to find out that the tension was broken and my recent problems were not just user error.

Two weeks without my sewing machine is suddenly feeling like a very long time. It just so happens that someone placed an order from my Etsy shop the day after I took my machine to the Singer warehouse. (Luckily, he is a patient person!) Halloween is looming and giving me nightmares because as of one week until the festivities: Ayla's Strawberry Shortcake costume is still a twin sheet I bought from the thrift store instead of the cute skirt and chef hat that I have dreamed up!

I thought my sewing machine woes were temporarily stayed over the weekend when I got a response on Freecycle to my request for a loaner. If you've never used Freecycle (and can overlook the thirty plus emails you receive in a day), it is worth investigating. People are very generous and give away amazing things. New baby toys, fancy clothes, building supplies, you name it - items that could very well make a pretty penny are just given away. I am sure people are happy to avoid the annoyance of posting pictures to Craigslist and are certainly relieved to not have to transport old furniture to Goodwill. Regardless, it is an interesting network of people that are trying to keep items out of landfills and avoid spending money when it is often completely unnecessary.

So... that's where my Kenmore sewing machine comes in to play. I sent out a "Want" email and got a quick response. A lady was moving out of her apartment, had never used the machine (and had also received it via Freecycle) and was ecstatic that it was one less thing she had to move. And a bonus for me: it is built into a table... which was the entire reason I joined the group in the first place!

Table and functioning sewing machine, check and check.

 Until I broke that one too. I am really not that destructive, I promise! The machine obviously hadn't been used for many, many years and maybe never repaired. You will see from the pictures of attachments and the piece of test fabric, that everything has been left untouched for a long time. The rubber belt that connects to the motor finally snapped after a few days of use. Although it will only cost about $15 to replace it, I am still out of the sewing mode until the end of the week.

The moral of this story? Look into Freecycle and don't trust me with machinery! But do look at these cool pictures of my nifty Kenmore machine.

Mysterious gauges that are fun to turn.
No matter what happens with the machine, I scored the table I needed.
No... it's not a dental tool from Little Shop of Horrors... it makes pleats, or something.
Original fabric scrap
This is a cute tool - it's a little guide for helping keep a straight line while sewing! Very handy, indeed.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Art In Motion

 Sending Ayla to school every day is amazing.

 She comes home having learned cute songs, funny exercises (sit-ups are called spaghetti and meatballs... sometimes even spicy meatballs!), new stories and drawings galore.

 If she could, I'm sure Ayla would draw all day long. I find her drawing at the table in the morning and she often sneaks out of bed to finish her day with a little self-expression with crayons and markers. Even in the past few weeks, she has developed her artistry and is adding more details to people's faces and intricate "scenes".

  Last week, Ayla's school hosted an ice cream social. It's a cute yet hectic evening of ice cream sundaes, gift basket raffles, crafts and crazy kids running circles in the gym. What I enjoyed most was seeing all of the artwork hanging in the hallways. I must meet their art teacher - because she has some fantastic ideas! Beautiful watercolors and portraits and copies of modern art.

  I remember all of the unique projects I tried in my own elementary school years. Mrs. Sopp taught us to paper mache and mold clay. I thought it was revolutionary when we drew a picture of space by pressing really really hard with our white crayons to make stars and moons and then drawing over it in black.

 We can only do so much at home to help Ayla discover her artistic ways. I have my own watercolor set and used to be able to create with it. But I'm not the best teacher. That's why I am so happy to send her on the bus every morning so the professionals can handle that!

 I know artwork is meant to be interpreted and not literal, so I keep that in mind with some of Ayla's drawings. Now everyone has big heinies (butts) and many times people are throwing tomatoes at me!

 Here are a few of the latest creations:

No.. it isn't a patient in the psychiatrist's chair: it is a princess on the edge of a cliff.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dancing Machine

Only a few weeks of walking and Elliot is already working the dance floor. He loves all types of music... especially Michael Jackson. What a surprise, right?

I have been trying to capture his moves while watching Yo Gabba Gabba! and stepping in front of me whilst I try to play MJ The Experience on the Wii.

Finally, here is some video!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Kind of like Darth Vader

What says "back to school" more than catching a cold? First it was Ayla, then it was Jackson, then Elliot got grumpy ... and then Jackson again. Apparently when anyone gets a cold in this house, it settles in the lungs and won't leave!

At least we have our dinosaur nebulizer and the steroids to make everyone temporarily crazy!

Enjoy Jackson's asthma-inspired rendition of Happy Birthday. I know I did.
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some Rockin Keyboard Action

The hours before dinner can sometimes turn ugly. Pulling Dada's old keyboard out of the cloest kept everyone rockin some pretty hard core dance moves.

Well, everyone but Ayla.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And Knitting... And Knitting... And Knitting

 We have a distinct agenda in this household to pass down all of our favorite movies, books, clothes and hobbies onto our children. While the fashion trends of the '80s abound in stores to my absolute horror - pegged pants! stirrup leggings! - we fully embrace the popular movies of that era at home. At least once a day, I suggest that we watch Muppets Take Manhattan or The Dark Crystal. My friend Erin got the kids hooked on Labyrnth (especially the "beep" swamp part) and Pee Wee's Big Adventure has been playing nightly for a few weeks now.

 So, if you could, please repeat the title of this post to yourself (or out loud) in your best Pee Wee imitation. "And knitting, and knitting...." If it's been a few years since you have watched the movie... it is from the scene where Pee Wee is about to break over his bike being stolen, and he has invited all of his friends over for an important fact-finding meeting.

 Now I will randomly link that random Pee Wee Herman reference to promoting my new shop on Etsy!

Say what?

Well, my inner voice is crazy; and as I have been working on sewing projects, I almost always think to myself, "...and knitting, and knitting...". I may not be knitting (my first attempt was pretty pitiful), but I am sewing up a storm. It's a struggle, but I am trying to work on it every day. I must admit that I also roam the aisles of Jo-Ann fabrics and have probably taken on more remnants and projects that even a person without three kids would think possible.

 I have reawakened the love affair with my sewing machine - I just wish this endeavor was more profitable. Which leads me to shamelessly plug my own Etsy shop here on the blog. So, in case I haven't been annoying enough with links to new items, here is my information again:

 You can find me under alexisabell  (original, right?) on www.etsy.com The shop name is "ThreadAbell", which I cannot take credit for its' cleverness at all. Please add me to your circle, add my items to your favorites if you so desire or please buy an item if you like it! I am also open to "freelance" sewing jobs. I rock pillowcases, pillow shams, curtains, t-shirt quilts, cloth wipes, waterproof bags and bibs. Of course, I am always willing to broaden my sewing horizons. 

 Some of these items are listed for sale, but thought it only prudent to post a few pictures here!

A washable (yes, have already washed mine twice!) pillow sham. Just add your own picture!

I loved this fabric. Especially on a pillowcase.

Cute diaper and wipe carrier.
I can't stress this enough: every parent should have a waterproof bag. The top is turned out to show you the interior.
Some his & hers pillowcases as a wedding present. These are my favorite for some favorite people!