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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Art In Motion

 Sending Ayla to school every day is amazing.

 She comes home having learned cute songs, funny exercises (sit-ups are called spaghetti and meatballs... sometimes even spicy meatballs!), new stories and drawings galore.

 If she could, I'm sure Ayla would draw all day long. I find her drawing at the table in the morning and she often sneaks out of bed to finish her day with a little self-expression with crayons and markers. Even in the past few weeks, she has developed her artistry and is adding more details to people's faces and intricate "scenes".

  Last week, Ayla's school hosted an ice cream social. It's a cute yet hectic evening of ice cream sundaes, gift basket raffles, crafts and crazy kids running circles in the gym. What I enjoyed most was seeing all of the artwork hanging in the hallways. I must meet their art teacher - because she has some fantastic ideas! Beautiful watercolors and portraits and copies of modern art.

  I remember all of the unique projects I tried in my own elementary school years. Mrs. Sopp taught us to paper mache and mold clay. I thought it was revolutionary when we drew a picture of space by pressing really really hard with our white crayons to make stars and moons and then drawing over it in black.

 We can only do so much at home to help Ayla discover her artistic ways. I have my own watercolor set and used to be able to create with it. But I'm not the best teacher. That's why I am so happy to send her on the bus every morning so the professionals can handle that!

 I know artwork is meant to be interpreted and not literal, so I keep that in mind with some of Ayla's drawings. Now everyone has big heinies (butts) and many times people are throwing tomatoes at me!

 Here are a few of the latest creations:

No.. it isn't a patient in the psychiatrist's chair: it is a princess on the edge of a cliff.

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  1. She is SO talented!! I just can't get enough - they're even better when she tells a story to go along with them. :)