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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State Morality: Fail.

 It has been awhile since I have written an angry, outraged blog. There are many happy things going on in the world right now (my cousin just had a sweet baby girl, for example). However, humanity never disappoints to behave terribly and make me question what is wrong with our values!

  Yes, I am going to spout my opinion about this Penn State molestation cover-up garbage. If Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier and others did ignore or cover-up evidence of child molestation ... and I do realize that this still has to be processed in a court of law... then they deserved to be fired. At the very least fired.

 Why do so many people value effing FOOTBALL (and sports in general) above common morality? WHY? It is beyond absurd. Men who play sports and men who coach sports do NOT get a pass on behaving like normal human beings. It is not okay to value an institution over a person (or persons since this psycho Sandusky had 15 years of opportunities to abuse kids!).

 I went to Penn State. I know that students there will find a reason to riot, if not just to exercise their stupidity and desire to move in large groups like cattle. How these things get started and how they get so out of control is beyond me. I am going to believe that their displays are misguided emotions. This is shocking news to us all: we know that this kind of evil exists in the world and it is awful to find out that someone who had our respect could be so callous. So instead of being angry at the right source (the administration, Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky), students and many adults who should know better, are angry that these men are being punished. But haven't we figured out by now that power/success/image in the world of sports doesn't equal sainthood?

 The excuses that are made for sports "icons" really are too much. If it were YOUR kid, YOUR family, I hope you wouldn't be making excuses for the abuser. And that's the biggest part of the problem! It shouldn't have to be someone you love or care about - we should care because a human being was hurt. Duh! Child molesters will find a way to be with kids... we need to constantly remind ourselves to be suspicious. Hasn't anyone watched Oprah in the last decade?

 To very deductive: anyone that knew about the abuse and didn't act is just as complicit as the person abusing those boys. No more passes for these grown men that should have known better! This is a very disturbing trend in our media and American culture. Tiger Woods "had women throwing themselves at him... it was only a matter of time." Big Ben gets excused because "his personal life has nothing do to with football". And now, just because an old man has been a coach for a bazillion years, he is allowed to shirk responsibility for letting a child molester get to kids!

 I hope people get over themselves and their short-sighted reactions. Pretty much everything else on earth is more important than a football game. You know, even convicting child molesters. Seriously.

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  1. Thanks for this. I am beyond amazed (outraged) at PSU alums who are more upset at JoePa's firing than the abuse- at least publicly. Are you f-ing kidding me? Thanks for being sane and RIGHT!