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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And Knitting... And Knitting... And Knitting

 We have a distinct agenda in this household to pass down all of our favorite movies, books, clothes and hobbies onto our children. While the fashion trends of the '80s abound in stores to my absolute horror - pegged pants! stirrup leggings! - we fully embrace the popular movies of that era at home. At least once a day, I suggest that we watch Muppets Take Manhattan or The Dark Crystal. My friend Erin got the kids hooked on Labyrnth (especially the "beep" swamp part) and Pee Wee's Big Adventure has been playing nightly for a few weeks now.

 So, if you could, please repeat the title of this post to yourself (or out loud) in your best Pee Wee imitation. "And knitting, and knitting...." If it's been a few years since you have watched the movie... it is from the scene where Pee Wee is about to break over his bike being stolen, and he has invited all of his friends over for an important fact-finding meeting.

 Now I will randomly link that random Pee Wee Herman reference to promoting my new shop on Etsy!

Say what?

Well, my inner voice is crazy; and as I have been working on sewing projects, I almost always think to myself, "...and knitting, and knitting...". I may not be knitting (my first attempt was pretty pitiful), but I am sewing up a storm. It's a struggle, but I am trying to work on it every day. I must admit that I also roam the aisles of Jo-Ann fabrics and have probably taken on more remnants and projects that even a person without three kids would think possible.

 I have reawakened the love affair with my sewing machine - I just wish this endeavor was more profitable. Which leads me to shamelessly plug my own Etsy shop here on the blog. So, in case I haven't been annoying enough with links to new items, here is my information again:

 You can find me under alexisabell  (original, right?) on www.etsy.com The shop name is "ThreadAbell", which I cannot take credit for its' cleverness at all. Please add me to your circle, add my items to your favorites if you so desire or please buy an item if you like it! I am also open to "freelance" sewing jobs. I rock pillowcases, pillow shams, curtains, t-shirt quilts, cloth wipes, waterproof bags and bibs. Of course, I am always willing to broaden my sewing horizons. 

 Some of these items are listed for sale, but thought it only prudent to post a few pictures here!

A washable (yes, have already washed mine twice!) pillow sham. Just add your own picture!

I loved this fabric. Especially on a pillowcase.

Cute diaper and wipe carrier.
I can't stress this enough: every parent should have a waterproof bag. The top is turned out to show you the interior.
Some his & hers pillowcases as a wedding present. These are my favorite for some favorite people!

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