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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mom vs The Dining Room Table

 Most milestones that babies reach are pretty cute. Smiling, sitting up, rolling over, feeding themselves, babbling and especially learning sign language are all pretty helpful developments. 
Walking can be amazing too, once they get a hang of it. 

Elliot has mastered all of these skills and my heart bursts with pride. My heart also skips many a beat as he masters his latest skill: CLIMBING.

Excessive, ridiculous, repetitive climbing. I now trust him to safely take himself up and down stairs, even the scary basement ones. I can leave him safely to put himself on and off the couch without fearing a major head injury. 

But there is one major safety hazard that can't be avoided. The damn dining room table. Most days, Elliot is not happy unless he is standing on top of the table. Gleefully stomping on my papers, spilling drinks, throwing crayons and making Ayla insane with frustration as she tries to draw. 

It takes a minimum of 4 seconds for him to scale a chair and scream with delight as he presses his dirty little hands and face on the window. This all occurs while we attempt impossible tasks like making dinner or washing dishes. Ayla and Jackson have now taken it upon themselves to build barricades and drag Elliot away from the table. Pure family fun! 

We have never been big on "baby-proofing" our house, and honestly, it has never been a problem. My kids manage to hurt themselves on pillows, grass and their own feet instead of dangerous chemicals. And Elliot's obsession with the table proves that no home can be safe! That is, unless you want to live without furniture. 

Enjoy these photos of our daily insanity!

How could I say no to Jackson when Elliot is on the table 5 hours a day?

Maybe Elliot will love drawing like his sister... he breaks into her art stash constantly.

Yep! Gotz to be on the chair.

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