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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions and Spousonomics... Say What?

One of my hopes or resolutions for next year is to read more books. Among other things like attain financial freedom, perfect skin, a desire to work out three days a week, a full-blown crafting empire and children who don't sob hysterically over the mean Binkie fairy for 45 minutes at bedtime.

Also, don't forget world peace and equality for all!

At least I have control over the number of books I read. I just finished one that I could not stop recommending to my friends. It is Spousonomics. Meaning the combined study of economic principles and how they relate to our irrational and profit-driven decisions in our relationships. And while one may think that a book combining the free market and relationships wouldn't exactly work or have "readability", I challenge you to give this book a chance.

 The authors are funny yet realistic, somehow making the transitions from financial markets to housework make sense. I reawakened that part of my brain that studied economics a decade ago and seriously felt like their marriage advice was stellar. And if think you are in one of those perfectly matched, don't need relationship advice kind of place... they have a chapter just for you! I loved the book. Gregory may feel like he read it too because I simply wouldn't stop relaying every chapter after I finished it. So if you love someone or want to or just want to read a quirky take on married life, pick it up.

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