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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Father Christmas

 This time a year ago, Gregory was still in Oklahoma and I was preparing to move out of our house. The mood was a little grim, a little bah humbug and I certainly didn't have the inclination to decorate for Christmas after spending most of my days cleaning out closets and taking every unnecessary item to Goodwill.

  Fast forward a year and we have gone Christmas bonkers here in Buffalo!

It took Gregory about five minutes after Thanksgiving to put up icicle lights outside and we were scouting for trees the first available weekend. It makes this "temporary" home feel cozy and loved... although we don't know if we will spend one or several holiday seasons here.

 The spirit is strong, but our available space is not. With three sets of little hands to grab at ornaments, family heirlooms and very breakable lights... most of our decorating has been limited to the living room. Please enjoy the tour...

Hand-knit stockings! I am very lucky that my Aunt Janice has continued the tradition.

Little incense man and my extreme-couponed free pointsetta.

These hecklers have to be kept in a safe place!

How about this sassy bird? Thanks Nano!

A ceramic tree I've had since I was little. Totally unsafe though... the bulb inside is unreasonably hot.
  We had fun visiting the local nursery(s) to shop for a tree. Two stops meant two visits with Santa and double doses of candy canes. The first place was a little too pricey for my taste - although every tree was magnificent. But who buys a 12 foot tree for $160??? The second place, Adams Nursery, had a wee little tree for our wee low ceilings here. Then we got our decorating on.

 (And off, because Elliot promptly removed many of the ornaments. He is worse than a cat!)

Jackson is embracing his weirdness.

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  1. This makes me miss you guys like CA-raaaaaazy.