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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

STOP! Did Jackson Wee-Wee?

 I wasn't sure this post needed a title with the picture of this home-made stop sign (courtesy of Gregory's master mind)... really, all we need to do is STOP and make sure Jackson wee wee'd. That is the secret to success.

 We have been sharing this computer with Jackson much more than usual. I have been lucky enough to get some Etsy sales and some commissioned sewing work from friends, and well, the computer games keep Jackson very happy. We spend a lot of afternoons sitting next to each other while he plays matching games and I annoy him with the sound of the sewing machine.

The only problem is that he often zones out and has a potty accident. (Which is very frustrating because he's been pretty much awesome for months now!) It's that mind-numbing effect of technology. So the new rule is that he must use the bathroom before logging onto PBS Kids.

 And in related news, Elliot had a bit of an episode in the tub the other night. All babies do it at one point or another... and the upside is that I finally sanitized and bleached all of the bath toys. But tonight, Ayla freaked out and yelled that Elliot had pooped again and there was a frantic emergency evacuation of the bathtub.

 Only it wasn't excrement... just a brown Jawa Star Wars toy. It could happen to anyone, right?

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