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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Elfabet, You Elfabet

 He has returned for another holiday season of threats, warnings, midnight wandering, secrets and mysterious promises to report to Santa with our family's every move...

 I am talking about our Elf on a Shelf - Elfabet!

 We were given this book and personal "elf" by some of Gregory's most loyal customers at the Outback two years ago, and we have loved his antics. Our Elfabet watches our children for good behavior (beginning the day after Thanksgiving) and travels to the North Pole nightly to give Santa the full report. Then when he returns, he is found in yet another random spot around the house.

 The second most endearing thing to me, of course, is the high value of threatening that Elfabet will give a bad report if there is fighting in the house. I'm pretty sure that is the first reason that this book is a top seller. Several times a day, you will hear me yell, "Stop hitting! Share with Elliot! Or else Elfabet is going to tell Santa!"

 What is the most endearing thing about our Elf on a Shelf?

  The fact that Ayla and Jackson truly believe with their beautiful, innocent hearts that Elfabet gets up, travels to the North Pole and then returns to be with our family. Ayla asks about every five minutes if Elfabet has moved and when he does... man, she and Jackson run from room to room with anticipation. When they find him, they giggle and then discuss how exactly he jumped from the furniture to the mantle to the window and so on. 

 Our house has limited "out of reach" elf hiding spots... so right now, Elfabet is sitting in the gravy boat in a kitchen cabinet. If I were a semi-creepy but really cute plastic elf, that's exactly where I would want to be too. 

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