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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A science experiment in my tummy

We went for the 20 week sonogram last week, and although it's our third time - it is always fascinating. In a previous post, I had written that the first months of pregnancy feel surreal. The test was positive, you're feeling sick, but a growing baby? It's hard to wrap the mind around it.
That is, until you see a small 12 ounce person kicking and moving around on the screen. You can see bones, arms, legs, the four chambers of the heart, the inside of the brain, a profile and a little heinie! It's the reality check that every parent needs. It's the reward after being nauseous for months. And if every measurement comes back "normal", it's a relief.

It must be a relaxing and rewarding 45 minutes for the ultrasound technician as well. A lot of their time is spent investigating tumors and unpleasant health questions. To see a healthy baby and check off all of the worries: brain development perfect, four even heart chambers, good ankle measurements, intact palate, etc. - I'm sure is a perk of the job.

Ayla came as well - to see the baby on the screen. She lost interest after the first few minutes because it wasn't in color.... oh well, I'm happy that she is even conceptualizing this baby. She could not have cared less when I was pregnant with Jackson.

So we finally got a peek at this little science experiment that I am brewing. I am constantly amazed by how little involvement we have in development after that initial conception. (You know what I'm talking about!) Forty weeks after becoming pregnant - a grown baby pops out! All I have to do is wait, take my vitamins and pray. How every little joint and muscle and fingernail falls into place is, to use a cliche, a miracle.

Although, I think these 3D images can seem a little creepy in all honesty.

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