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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rollercoasters and the Ring of Fire

 Fireworks, parades, hot dogs, sparklers and catching fireflies. These are the memories of Independence Day, from my own childhood and now for my children.

Add something new to the list of 4th of July activities.


  In characteristic fashion, our kids are nutso over holidays and recount their favorite parts of any given holiday over and over all year long, until it returns again. The 4th has always been about the parade that came down Broad Street in Leetsdale, directly in front of our house. Ayla would lunge at the candy tossed from firefighters and keep her hoard safely tucked away for months afterward.

 This year was different, obviously, but I think we definitely upped the ante of 4th of July excitement. A traveling carnival (yes, with real carnies!) set up in Lancaster in the local grocery store parking lot. Holy hell, those were some serious rides! I put the fact aside in my mind that all of the mechanical parts had been recently assembled (and then unassembled and assembled again) as Ayla and Jackson boarded their first "real" rides.

Ayla, like the true stunt-woman that she is, showed no fear and loved every ride. Jackson handled this first one okay with Gregory right next to him... but freaked out in the little water taxis, wouldn't attempt anything else and finally enjoyed these cars.

 Oh, and did I mention the Ring of Fire? I never had the satisfaction of riding the Laser Loop growing up; they tore it down before I was tall or brave enough to try it. This traveling Ring of Fire was not a comparison - but after several years of not riding any rollercoasters (I've been pregnant during three of the last six summers!), it might as well been 150 feet up in the air.

 As a side note, I was searching on Wikipedia for Laser Loop stats and found this . Maybe someday I will make it to Mexico City and get my chance to ride the infamous Pittsburgh loop.

 But the Ring of Fire in a grocery store parking lot in Lancaster, NY was pretty awesome. I was laughing and crying and scared out of my mind as Rachel, Genevieve and I hung upside down only slightly bracketed by cushioned pieces of metal.

"Grumps" just casually walking by...

Jackson was happy to have us back on the ground... he had started crying as soon as we got on the ride.

 We will be talking about fireworks and parades until next year, of course, but only as a side note to the ridiculously unsafe rollercoasters we rode (and loved!) this 4th of July! Well done, carnies.

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  1. Ayla looks so grown up on those rides! Sheesh.