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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fizzy Lifting Drink

 The addiction began when I was pregnant with Elliot - nothing else could satisfy my irrational thirst like soda water. Yes, bubbly, calorie-free, sodium-free soda water. It is perfect to have in the kitchen at all times. Mix it with juice and you have an exciting breakfast cocktail. Keep it at your bedside and it relieves the middle of the night dry mouth. It is far superior than water which is terrible because it is stale by 2 am and tastes like your own morning breath.

 Gregory soon picked up the same habit and we were going through ten to fifteen bottles of seltzer water every week. Our taste buds started to get sophisticated and it was frustrating that the plastic bottles would lose their "oomph" and we'd always end of up with a flat glass of soda water with every bottle. We knew that cans of seltzer existed - we had seen them in grocery stores in North Carolina - but were nowhere to be found on the shelves of Giant Eagle.

 Lo and behold, it only took a move to New York to find all of the seltzer our hearts could desire! Both Tops and Wegmans (our most frequented grocery stores) carry a wide variety of canned seltzer flavors: Lime, Lemon, Pomegranate, Cranberry Lime, Mixed Berry and Orange. The assortment in bottles is even wider - including Pink Grapefruit and Vanilla - but those are only good if you are going to drink it all at once. (And don't worry, I usually do.)

 I am a complete convert from drinking regular or even diet soda now. It might be blasphemous in my family to say that I've renounced Pepsi (a photo album was made about 30 years ago, showing many family members using Pepsi for household chores, filling pools, watering gardens, etc. as a gift for my grandmother because she loved it so much.), but why would I ever go back? I can drink seltzer all day long without the calories or the worry of what aspartame is doing to my liver.

 Of course, there is the problem with excessive recycling and use of tons of aluminum cans and bottles. But water just doesn't cut it anymore. We have tried homemade versions of soda water with our iSi, but that would be an expensive habit.

 Imagine my delight when I saw seasonal flavors at the grocery store this past weekend! Apparently I am easily excited and I bought every one. Hello banana (it's better than you think), pineapple passionfruit, orange mango and pina colada! I haven't tried the last one yet, but I am still brainstorming as to how I'm going to mix that one with alcohol.

 Not to speak unkindly of PA and its' pride Giant Eagle - but this is one instance where I know I've upgraded. I can binge on seltzer to my hearts content and only hope they market even stranger flavors in the fall. Apple? Pumpkin? Keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. The iSi sounds like a major pain. We use a SodaStream, and it performs admirably, and is utterly painless to use. We just couldn't handle running through so many bottles, since we both consume epic amounts of soda water.