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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My children should be arrested.... for CUTENESS! 

Our neighborhood of Lancaster, NY has tons of free/almost free activities for the summertime. Ayla is currently enrolled in an art class and both older kids have their first swimming lesson at the high school tomorrow afternoon. They get almost three weeks of swim lessons, every day, at the whopping cost of $5 a kid! Good thing I missed the enrollment date for the Y... we would have paid $40 for the same thing. 

To partake in these activities, though, I had to take my kids and their birth certificates to the Recreation office for some photo IDs. It was so worth the trip. 

The headband look just kills me.

I have a feeling that Jackson is going to have the same haircut when he goes for his driver's license in 13 years. That mop looks so good on him!
 And here's the best for last...what baby has ever had his own ID? 

I had to hold Elliot above my head so they could take his picture "solo".

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