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Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's About Time!

 I've been a Mom for almost 5 years now, and yesterday was the first time I made baby food. This blog may be a testament to the fact that I love to try anything homemade rather than buy it in a store. I'd rather toil and garden than buy lettuce, beans, eggplant or tomatoes during the summertime. So, it is a bit odd and out of character that I've never tried to make my own baby food.

Maybe I don't have any time or inclination after washing, folding and using cloth diapers! I don't know.

Regardless, I was inspired to make roasted banana and blueberry puree. I saw it in my new favorite magazine, the Food Network Magazine, a recipe by Tyler Florence. I have bought several packages of his new baby food line - Sprout. I like that he offers different flavors from your standard Beef & Pasta or Chicken & Stars. When you are feeding your baby during the in-between stages of plain purees and regular diced food, the flavors and varieties can become redundant. And the packaging is very convenient for traveling and reheating.

 Elliot has been enjoying tastes of Tyler's Lentil Bolognese and Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese for months, so I was super excited to see the recipes in print. Talk about baby food fate!

 I made (with the help of budding chef Ayla) Roasted Bananas and Blueberries in under thirty minutes. I highly recommend it, even for your older kids. We buy a lot of packaged applesauce in our house - so it's great to have an alternative that Ayla and Jackson can enjoy as well.

And while we're talking good eats, I know a lot of mommas out there have been making their own for years. Any recommendations for easy recipes that I can try now that I've caught the baby-food-making bug?

Three bananas, one pint of blueberries on parchment paper.
Roast at 350 degrees for 20 minutes - until the blueberries burst and the bananas look like they've been in a campfire.

 Puree the fruits in the blender or food processor (minus banana skins) and then enjoy the show! Elliot laughed maniacally when he tasted his new treat.

So I have blueberries in my eyebrow, so what?


  1. Lauren VanSickleSaturday, July 09, 2011

    wholesomebabyfood.com has some great recipes that we use. and there are some amazing recipe books out there for specifically making different purees for babies. enjoy - it is fun times. :)

  2. Who needs Gerber - or the Gerber baby, for that matter - when you have Alexis (plus Ayla) and Elliot??!!