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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

2009... with a baby Jackson!
 I hope everyone is having a fantastic, relaxing holiday. We are having a great first 4th of July here in Buffalo, all in part to family visiting AND Gregory getting the day off. Really, there isn't much more to ask for!

 We attended the parade in our new suburb small town of Lancaster. It satisfied the patriotic desires to clap for our veterans, volunteer firefighters, high school band and Girl Scout troops. Being in New York, though, is just not quite as relaxing as watching the Leetsdale parade from our front porch. Alas, that time in my life is over!

 And with more reasons to celebrate: I have to mark my second blogiversary!!! Amazing! I can't believe how time has elapsed and how cathartic this writing really is for me. I am honored that anyone shows an interest and comments on the random rantings spewing from my brain. I look forward to writing posts and hope that I come across in an honest, genuine way. I write here on the blog as a means to document my life and form cohesive thoughts about all the complications of being a woman, mother, wife, citizen and friend.

 So thank you for reading and supporting me. I know "Mom" blogs are very common, but there must be a reason for this. We are proud of our children and want to share their accomplishments. But we also need a voice amongst the hours of cleaning, wiping and diaper changing. This outlet gives me the opportunity to reflect in the midst of to-do lists, rapidly growing children and attempts to pursue grown-up interests as well. Every post helps me slow down  and get a hold of my feelings one at a time.

 Have a great holiday that hopefully includes lots and lots of fireworks!

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