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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Easier than a trip to Target

 Some parents would cringe at the thought of flying with their young children... let alone on a "flexible" schedule as a standby passenger. But personally, most of my experiences have been more enjoyable than a standard trip to Target.

I flew to Minneapolis on Thursday, traveling via Pittsburgh and then Chicago. Hopping on a plane in the burgh was painless, but I had to wait out three full planes in Chicago. It is disheartening to see your name twenty down on the standby list and zero seats left. But, by mid-afternoon I was comfortably sitting next to a family (with two loud kids of their own!) on the way to my final destination.

I flew last November with a nearly newborn Elliot and hyper, overstimulated Ayla. So traveling with only one baby this time is exactly 100% easier. I find it humorous that other travelers look at me and a baby like I am carrying the black plague. I know people talk about "babies on planes" as the most annoying concept in the world... but I can think of about a million more aspects of traveling that are worse.

Like sitting next to a person who hasn't bathed in a week. Or having to use the barf bag. Or realizing you have pee when the beverage cart is blocking your path to the bathroom.

All in all, there are so many distractions and exciting elements for a baby to look at... that all of my kids have been more than happy to sit and behave in the enclosed space of an airplane than in the cart at the grocery store.
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