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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Star Wars Birthday

 Or to be more exact, coming from Jackson's mouth it sounds like, "Sterwers Birtday"! He's getting better with his words AND he's three years old today! He has been telling everyone about his Star Wars birthday for weeks. Happy Birthday big boy!

What a lucky guy at three: everyone in Ayla's preschool class drew him a picture. He got to push his own mini-cart in the grocery store (which resulted in a 2 hour shopping trip!). We played on the playground, ordered chinese food, baked a cake, not to mention the presents!

I spent all day relishing in the wonder that our Star Wars obsessed, tutu-wearing, lovable, sometimes violent, sometimes insane, always adorable boy somehow changed from newborn to infant to toddler to...almost preschooler.

Thank you Jennifer and Dale! The camera arrived just in time... he loves it!

Lovin' his lo mein.

"No mer picters!"

Big boy bed (hopefully this will keep him upstairs at 3 am). And I found these vintage Sesame Street sheets at Goodwill for $5! Score!

"Darth Verader" holds the candle.

It took some coaching... but he finally blew it out.
  With his new haircut and sophisticated age of three years, I'm sure big changes are ahead for our Jackins. We love you so much Jackson... although sometimes I don't understand why you act like a rabid animal!

 And in other news, Gregory passed another huge test in the air traffic control scene. It's hard to believe that he has been working in Buffalo for almost six months. I am so proud and so impressed by the hard work it has taken to get here! Nicely done!

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  1. Love you all so very much. Can't wait to continue the celebration this weekend, and spend some serious quality time with the birthday boy, Ayla, and my favorite squishy, Elliot. Until then, give everyone an extra squeeze for me!