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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Documentary Photography

 Jackson is capturing the real-life story of being a toddler in the midst of a crazy family. He's got an older sister bossing him around, demanding that he be the prince. He's got a younger baby brother, who spits food all over the table and is allowed to splash in the bathtub. His parents try to teach him the running man before learning to tie his shoes. And he documents this all day long with our camera.

Every time I connect our digital camera to the computer to upload our most recent photos - I find that over half of them have been taken by Jackson. His improving stealth means that he often takes about 20 photos of items in the house (or me with my back turned) and then returns it to the same place. I don't realize that he's even used it until I see the images on the computer.

Some of the pictures are really creative and some are candid self-portraits (lots of boogers!). He could be occupied for several hours a day, just snapping pictures and looking at them in the display. We are looking for a durable kids camera that we can trust in his hands for more than five minutes - because we've already gone the route of lending him our old digital camera. Unfortunately, Mr. Disaster dropped it on the kitchen floor and cracked the lens.

I know every parent says this about their child - but I think he is talented! He chooses to take images of the bright colors on his toys, his cute little feet and is beginning to capture his everyday life in little photo essays.

The trusty calculator - satisfies the need to press buttons when I'm tired of Jackson texting people from my phone.

Uncle Matthew!

Oh my - Elliot loves his big brother.

I can't get him to smile when I take the picture!

I had no idea he took this. I'm not hovering over the toilet - I am rinsing out cloth diapers with the sprayer.

Breakfast time fun.

New love of his life: Cheerios.

Dumb dog Baxter in the backyard.

I can see this hanging in Ikea - seriously! Very mod.

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  1. very cool, there is something very beautiful and stylistic in his photos. A friend of mine had his kids around the same age take the camera and go wild and the results were very cool at times like this. There seems to be a lack of what we normally do of framing and keeping our distance form the subject and the results are fun... anyways.. in my emerson education I am saying its great and make sure he keeps at it. :-)