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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Beginning of the End

 It is a day anticipated, but also feared. It evokes feelings of pride, worry and a little bit of sadness. It marks the end of an era.

 It happens when you have your guard down, not expecting to see it... and hey! your baby is standing in the crib!

 Last week I sleepily stumbled into Elliot's room when I heard him crying in the morning and my proud man was standing, arms locked on to the side of the crib. Once this happens, the "honeymoon" infant period is totally over! I've already been chasing Elliot as he army crawls across the room, to the top of the basement steps, into my plants, etc. But now that he has figured out standing - I'm done for. In a matter of days, he not only is standing in the crib, but pulling himself up in the bathtub, the stairs, on the kitchen stool and anything else that looks vaguely sturdy.

  When we first moved to Buffalo, I could leave him lying on his floor nanny and walk out of the room... knowing that the worst he could do was roll over. Now he sneaks into all sorts of trouble. It's sad to see him leave that lovable little lumpy stay-in-one-place stage of life, but the wonder of his development is certainly fun to witness.

  I'm just waiting for the seemingly inevitable head injury that comes with standing up and walking. I caught him at the last second with the palm of my hand behind his head after a misstep in the kitchen yesterday. Faster reflexes with the third baby? I hope so!

Already trying with one hand - slow down kid!
YUM - peeling paint on an 18 year old crib!
Jackson's new bed is the perfect height for practice.

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