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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Elliot loves Buffalo (and Milkshakes!)


I cannot believe that our family has been living in Buffalo for over six months. I really cannot believe that it was over a year ago that we took our real estate and neighborhood scouting trip to Buffalo.

Last July we spent a day driving around in the minivan in an attempt to survey our new potential home. Oddly enough, the one suburb we didn't look at is where we are now renting a house.

Our driving was very random and we let ourselves be led by newspaper real estate listings. We happened to pass by a cute hot dog stand/restaurant called Taffy's, which is quite a popular Buffalo institution. Ninety percent of the seating is outdoors, some standard picnic tables and others that are connected to gliders. You can happily swing away while munching on hot dogs, french fries and the biggest milkshakes I have ever seen.

So last weekend, we went back to Taffy's for dinner as a full-circle celebration. Last time we were there, I was so pregnant with Elliot that the owner at the restaurant asked if we had enough time to eat before I went into labor. This time, our big boy Jackson used the potty at the restaurant and Elliot maniacally enjoyed his portion of the family milkshake.

From a wandering family of four to five reluctant Buffalo locals - this hot dog stand will always be a special part of this New York adventure we are taking!

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