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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Power of Greek Yogurt

 With Ayla starting Kindergarten and Jackson setting off to preschool three days a week, Elliot had to step up his game (literally) and start walking! He took a few wary steps last week and all of a sudden it clicked. Two steps turned into three, four, five and next thing I know... he is walking all the way across the room. This is how it happens. All or nothing. 

  What this means for me is that I am struggling to keep up with all of his shenanigans. Walking leads to climbing, which leads to his ability to get himself in and out of the tub without warning. He is reaching onto tables, standing at the inside of the door while I am outside and trying to dance along to the MJ Experience game. Watching him cruise the house as a biped is so adorable and he is mighty proud of himself.

It also means that he can get himself out of our hipster highchair unless he is strapped and locked in. I constantly assume that I have placed a drink, plate, utensil or snack out of his reach... only to return and see that he has attacked that item. Nothing compels him more than a spoon and yogurt to completely lose his mind. 

In the midst of trying to get dinner ready and served, Elliot just couldn't wait one more second and did this to a yogurt container. 

He stabbed it with his spoon and was digging his fingers into the container. I am panicking, rushing to put half of it in a bowl (because you know the whole thing is getting thrown on the floor for entertainment) and Elliot plunges his entire fist into the yogurt. 

Baby - one. Mom - zero.

It was like The Exorcist, and I'm yelling, "The power of yogurt compels you! The power of yogurt compels you!" Elliot could not be stopped. 

What? Clean up WHAT mess?

Let me touch YOUUUUU!!!

This boy is trained well... Elliot says "cheese" on command!

But who could begrudge this little man his favorite snack?

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