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Friday, September 9, 2011

You'll never forget your first gas leak

 Who knew the first week of Kindergarten could be so eventful? Fathers making cross-country drives, broken water heaters, midnight evacuations to the Tim Horton's due to high pressure gas leaks and you know, that whole riding on the bus and spending all day at school thing.

The first day! Of course it was rainy and cold; but that was countered by the adrenaline of bus ride anticipation!

  I am dying to know how Ayla fares in art class, gym, music and buying her lunch in the cafeteria. This might be the reason why I am pumped to be a parent volunteer. I am wondering if parents get involved with the parent-teacher-association, not so much to help the school but more opportunities to watch our kids in action!

Mimi is here to experience the back to school spirit.

Jackson always loves his solo time - he chillaxed with the movie Labyrnth right away.

  It's friday night and Ayla is passed out in her bed, exhausted from her week and last nights escapade to the firehall. (Side note: I knew something ridiculous would happen after Gregory drove to Oklahoma - last year Jackson developed croup right away and Elliot experienced his first double ear infection. But a super dangerous gas leak in our neighborhood? Bizarre, scary and hopefully a one-time occurrence.)

I am looking forward to the weekend, with Miss Sassypants hanging out with us all day long. And more opportunities for me to pump her for more information!

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