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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Life and Potatoes

 When sunshine and temperatures above the 50s hit Buffalo, apparently this blog takes a back burner to all other activities. Summertime is here and I'm out of the winter slump. I've been sewing like crazy to finish old projects and try new things; I've been moving seedlings indoors and outdoors and then finally into the ground in the backyard. I've been serving popsicles and filling baby pools.

 We have spent the past couple of weekends exploring this new city, driving to ritzy suburbs and drooling over potential real estate. We had our first houseguests thanks to Megabus and Eve and Matt's willingness to ride it so early in the morning! We're stopping for ice cream, trying "where the locals eat" types of restaurants and visiting quite possibly the most amazing park I've ever seen. We stumbled upon Glen Park after eating dinner in Williamsville - but that oasis deserves it's own post.

  With all of this activity, I may have let my tomato seedlings fry under the flourescent light - but our potato condo is a glorious sight. I found the idea on a gardening blog and have been amazed at how well it is growing. Most mornings, while the kids are munching on their waffles and honey... I let Baxter out in the backyard and sneak a peek at our sprouting potato plants. I must admit, I am quite proud. Thankfully, Gregory is here to actually build the thing, but I'm going to take full credit for the idea!
Minimal lumber and some weed fabric on the bottom.

Nothing says container gardening like Jackson's long hair and dress.

Potato "seeds" from the garden center - supermarket potatoes will not work. Planted on April 22nd.

We had growth in about two weeks! May 7th

By May 18th we needed another row of wood.

Elliot models his crawling acrobatics around the potato condo.

Add baby for size scale: by Memorial Day we added four more rows! (After this photo of course).
 Looks like we'll be heavy on the carbs this fall when we harvest!

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