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Monday, June 13, 2011

Just off of Main Street...

...Is a freakin' waterfall! 

 I mentioned this place, Glen Park, briefly in my last post... but it is such an amazing spot, that I had to give it more blog-attention. We discovered it a few weeks ago by accident. We had just finished dinner at The Irishman Pub and were looking at a small watermill behind the restaurant. Williamsville is a beautiful, little Sewickley-esque town, so we decided to explore a little further. Lo and behold, down a virtually unmarked sidewalk was a huge waterfall and idyllic park!

 It was almost as if the edges of our vision were blurred with fuzzy, soft clouds like in a dream sequence... a family-friendly "Happy Place" out of Happy Gilmore. Every bench and rock and tree was staged for a photograph; picnickers were sitting on blankets, drinking wine. A little family of ducks waddled around, so comfortable with people that we could sit right next to them while they took a nap.

 Gregory took Ayla and Jackson into the streams and ponds and went climbing next to the old Williamsville Mill. Their love of "exploring" and wading in water is epic and there was quite the temper tantrum when we finally had to leave at nightfall. 

"When do I get to go in the water?"

He fell on his butt almost immediately - but it's part of the adventure.

What do we do at a quiet pond? Throw rocks of course!

I had better close-ups of the ducklings with my phone, but this picture shows how enraptured we were!

 Honestly, it is one of the most peaceful and quietly stunning parks I've ever visited. We took our first house guests, Eve and Matt to see it. Luckily, that night local high school students were taking their prom pictures in front of the waterfall (sure beats taking pictures in front of the garden at home!) and that was spectacular people-watching in itself.

Our prom-perfect pose.

 If we can expect to find places like this secretly tucked into neighborhoods all around Buffalo, I am thrilled to spend our summer exploring the city parks.

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