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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Clean House

 I had a goal when we first moved into this house to take pictures of each room as we set it up... and then share it on the blog so people had a sense of what our home looks like here in Buffalo. But most of the time, our house is too messy for me to document the state of affairs.

 I fall into the same motherly trap where I try to put on my best "face" and only show my house when it has been cleaned or looks out of the ordinary fantastic. I know that if we all just showed it like it really is, none of us would feel so guilty or inadequate because the dinner dishes weren't washed from last night or there are tiny pieces of legos in the bathtub.

 So... we have lived here almost six months and I'm about to show our second room in the house! We had Gregory's cousins over for dinner over a month ago and it took us all day to wipe and clean and make the room look presentable. Not just presentable, but sanitary. If this dining room was a restaurant, I know we'd be failing some major health codes. (We're potty training, okay!)

 Here are the pictures of our "sun room" or Florida room as people here like to call it. The word from our neighbors is that the previous owners added it on to their house and used it primarily as a playroom for their kids. I love that it houses our computer area, dog crate and "dining area" all in one and it gets great light for plants.

  I know this isn't the most exciting post of all time, but chances are, most of our friends won't visit us here at this house since it is temporary. Just imagine our wacko kids enjoying their meals in this room, looking out into the immense backyard and you'll get a sense of our new "home". 

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  1. Holy crap - almost six months already?? HOW.