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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Toddlers and Tutus

I swear I'm not a pageant Mom. Really. Anyone looking at this rehearsal video could say that it's pointless and silly and I shouldn't be pushing Ayla into dance if she doesn't like it. But up until a few weeks ago, I thought she did!

She has gotten very strange lately about attending any sort of class. Gregory has taken her to dance class consistently and she always rants and raves about not wanting to go, fights it like hell and then comes out an hour later smiling and happy. It doesn't make any sense. We've also been attending the library story time and it used to be a happy 45 minutes singing songs and listening to stories. She even coaxed other hesitant children to come in the room. But my last attempt to take her ending in screaming and many, many tears - and this was with the FUN librarian!

Just check out today's experience at the rehearsal:

So - needless to say, I've been anxious about her upcoming dance recital this weekend. I have serious doubts that she will do anything while on the stage. I just want her to have a good time! I'm not smearing on the lipstick or sending her to the tanning salon. However, I did buy her the ridiculously pouffy and cute tutu to fit the occasion.

I won't be angry with her if she doesn't dance or even look at the audience. (I won't have a pageant mom temper tantrum, for sure.) But I will continue to be perplexed as to why she is extremely outgoing one minute and then tucking into a virtual turtle shell the next.

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  1. Spencer, to this day, always talks about how she wants to be "Genevive" (from Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses) when she grows up. Even the other day she was watching a Carrie Underwood live performance and said "that's what I want to be when I grow up". But, you put her in front of an audience w/ a rehersed number and she FREEZES. I don't get it! She's young...don't worry about it. The more she's around other kids and doing that stuff, she'll break out of that shell. :)