I Always Feel Like... Somebody's Watching Me!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

If you've thought of it, it already exists

I was JUST saying that I needed maternity suspenders the other day. Although maternity clothes can be amazingly comfortable - it's rare to find a pair of pants that fit you the entire way through. Even if you are buying the normal size you are used to, it is still difficult to keep an all-elastic waistband in place. When I'm at work or at home - lifting kids, picking up toys, reaching for things on the top shelf... the pants either sag or pull up too high on one side. I thought it was a good idea to look into maternity suspenders.

I was kidding, of course.

This company WASN'T kidding.
Has anyone seen these before? And more importantly, is anyone going to admit to wearing them? Because as dumb as they look, I'm wondering if the benefit might outweigh the risk. Is this like the old man sock suspenders?


  1. There is no clothing worse than maternity pants! I would try suspenders, but they wouldn't work on all pants--how would you attach them to the kind that go over your belly without ruining the fabric? I have a couple pairs from Motherhood Maternity that went over my belly and were pretty comfortable, AND I had to pull them up only hourly instead of every time I moved 3 inches like the rest of my pants. They were also good because, at the end when your shirts are never long enough, at least my belly was covered by something even if it was the weird stretch wasteband. They were good enough pants to make it worth going in the store, even with their rude salespeople, ridiculous return policies, and 10 salespitches for their partners that you have to listen to before they will let you buy anything. Good luck! Sara

  2. It looks like those would ruin your bra. If you could find ones that work like true suspenders, that latch to the pants, I bet those would be great!