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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Strawberries, Fences and a Mile of Mint

Although I'm a bit hindered by sore legs and an ever-growing stomach, I'm back to obsessing about our garden and landscaping! This year, I am trying to take advantage of every corner without tearing up ALL of the grass. I need to make some major purchases: a rain barrel, tumbling composter, a locking gate (not only for runaway Baxter, but runaway children as well). If I can just find a place for a zucchini plant and the cucumber seedlings - I will be a satisfied gardener.

This is a photo of the original section designated to vegetables, fruits and herbs. After three rookie summers of gardening, I finally figured out how to plant items that grow back virtually maintenance free. The entire left half is a strawberry patch that keeps expanding. On the right is my trusty chives - where Ayla helps herself to a snack every day. She might smell like green onions, but she loves them! Blackberries and raspberries grow up two trellises and sugar snap peas will wind their way up the final trellis.

This is the area I extended into last year... a couple Clematis vines, an evergreen and a few herbs. I'm hoping to make room for broccoli and a cucumber trellis. Big dreams, I know! The mint in the back started out as a sickly looking transplant from my friend Erin's yard - and now threatens the neighboring plants daily. I've unwound mint stalks from the thyme several times already this year. Luckily, it doesn't go to waste. I simply un-root a big chunk of mint once a week and take it over to work. Fresh mojitos, anyone?

And this beautiful wheelbarrow was my Mother's Day gift. Finally a place to put my gloves, shovels, potting soil and planters! It will make me a much more efficient "farmer" - with a proper place to throw weeds and keep seedlings safe from the psycho dog.

And I can't leave out a picture of Ayla enjoying the first strawberries! They taste entirely different from any strawberry I've ever purchased in a store. We rationed out a few at breakfast the other morning, but the true harvest is coming soon!

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  1. yaye gardneing! I dont think our strawberries are taking and that bums me out because everyone says they are so easy! Im super jealous of yours! help!
    Dont spend $100 on a composter- buy a small garbage can, punch some holes in it with a hammer and nail and put equal parts green (ie food) and brown (paper, etc) waste in it, wet it, and roll it around the yard once a week or so. Should do the trick and costs basically nothing.