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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can Composting be considered a Hobby?

I've been doing this all wrong!

For the past couple of years, we've had a corner of the yard set aside as the compost area. Gregory put up chicken wire & burlap to contain the mess and it's been the place to throw any compost items. It's done the job, but I really wasn't doing it justice. Because the area was about 15 feet long and 2 feet deep, completely uncovered - it was virtually impossible to turn the soil and create wonderful fertilizer for the yard. We've dug out rocks and attacked the dirt pile with many different spiky garden tools.

The big plus is that we've had a space to throw all of those leftover food items, weeds, grass cuttings, coffee filters, etc. It's just in my yard and not a landfill. It doesn't break down at the rate it should and it's very difficult to access the good soil buried underneath everything.

It was time for an upgrade. I've been drooling over all sorts of composters in gardening catalogs and trying to rationalize spending upwards of $150. (This is my type of splurge - forget shoes and handbags.) Luckily, I found my dreamboat composter at Construction Junction last week. And it didn't cost even close to that much money.

Hello Mr. Earth Machine. It's truly a pleasure. He is now sitting in a corner of the yard, inconspicuously baking all of the dirt and vegetable scraps that will make my garden amazing. I was so excited to set it up and start loading in all that I could find. Dryer lint from the basement, lemon/lime rinds cut at work, all the stuff I've let get moldy in the vegetable drawers in the refrigerator. It all now has a place to go!

I am still a person impressed with simplicity. At this point, if it makes my life just a miniscule amount easier - it's a thrill. Which will lead into my next post about the new fence. Small miracles, seriously!


  1. can i come and see it? i recently started composting (literally like 2 weeks ago) but I don't have it down yet... I heard you can make your own composter (is that a word?) But, I'd like to see one in action! ~Kelly

  2. Check out the post about strawberries and fences... my friend Amanda commented about making your own composter with a trash can. Your girls would probably have fun helping you roll it around in the yard! However, you can come over anytime to see our Earth Machine!

  3. I saw that!! I am jealous of your mint supply! Mojitos are my new favorite drink. :) Thanks, I may just attempt a new project this weekend.

  4. I've got more than enough mint to share... I'll give you a bushel when you come to check out the composter!

  5. looks like a trash can with a faucet.