I Always Feel Like... Somebody's Watching Me!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Why is it that when you are in a locked public restroom, women can't figure out why it's locked? (I'm sure this might be the case with the men's room... but I'll have to take someone else's word for it.) Every time I use a single-person public bathroom, meaning that the outer door locks and there aren't any stalls, some woman always come barging up to the door and continually tries to get in the entire time I am in there.

First, they push on the door - when it's resisted by the lock, they violently shake the handle, then knock, then push again. By this point, I am so unnerved and have already yelled that "DUH! Someone is in here!" that I am flushing the toilet and running the water in the sink to really make it obvious that the bathroom is, indeed, occupied. Yet, they still knock and try to jiggle the handle.

I don't get it. I locked the door with the intent of keeping everyone else out. Don't try to break down the door! And always, as I come out of the bathroom, it is a grown woman standing there saying, "Oh! I didn't know someone was in there?!?". Someone who should know better, not a helpless 8 year old girl who waited until she was about to pee herself to run to the bathroom.

Thank goodness I at least lock the door - I don't think I could survive the humiliation of having the door swung open on me every time I use a public restroom.

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