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Monday, February 27, 2012

February Travels

 I have been quite defunct in my blogging recently. It's 15% winter doldrums (where I feel like my brain is dulled by the weather that isn't really winter anyways) and 85% sewing projects. Add a trip to Pittsburgh for our winter break and a wondrous weekend away in Utica, NY sans children.

 A proper update would involve pictures from both excursions, but unfortunately, the doldrums win and I am too lazy to upload at this moment. The event that really brought me back to any sort of blogging mood was the best Academy Award from last night.

 The Muppets were obviously cheated out of Best Picture (aren't they always?), but won for Best Original Song thanks to Bret McKenzie.

 Thank God, because I usually watch the awards show with a healthy dose of angst over the winners of categories like costume design and makeup. It is unbelievable some of the winners they choose. Who is convinced that it was more difficult to make Meryl Streep look like Margaret Thatcher than to create goblins, Voldemort, giants, trolls, ghosts, etc. in Harry Potter? Really? It was that amazing to make a white woman look like a different white woman. I don't know why - but little things like that drive me crazy.

 So there is justice in the world. The Muppets got an Oscar. And Gregory and I spent our first vacation away from the kids since 2009. (Well, we did go to Rhode Island for a babymoon before Elliot...but he technically went with us on that trip!) I will report more on Utica, NY later, although I believe we saw ALL there was to see in 48 hours.

 Hooray for Bret and the Muppets!

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