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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Superbowl Sunday in Buffalo

 Oddly enough, this is not the first time I have been in Buffalo on a Superbowl Sunday. We are approaching our one-year-living-in-Buffalo- anniversary, but aren't there yet! This time last year I was anticipating another Steelers victory and packing up boxes.

  Flashback to February 2004 - Gregory and I were yet to be married, hence no kids and this little thing called spare time to travel. I worked for Hyatt Hotels and one of their key benefits was the use of a certain number of free hotel rooms per year. So, naturally, we chose Buffalo! Perhaps we have a cosmic predetermination to reside in Western New York. Or not. Who knows!

 The true purpose of our trip back in 2004 was to go skiing at Kissing Bridge. I was rusty (but not nearly as rusty as I am now) and we figured it would be a fun overnight trip. It just so happened that we were traveling on Superbowl Sunday, not that I place any importance on the event.

 But damn, it is hard to find a place to eat during the Superbowl! We arrived in downtown Buffalo to gross slush and rain, and tried in vain to find at least a local chain restaurant. I remember driving to the Buffalo Chop House. Closing. Pearl Street Brewery. Closed. All of this driving around led us sadly to a T.G.I.Friday's (nothing against the place, but after driving for hours to a new city- it's a letdown to fail at finding at least an independent coffee shop).

 And en route, either to the restaurant or from or in the elevator at the hotel - we missed the "wardrobe malfunction" completely. My soul was saved, right? Ha ha. I didn't have to bear witness to the downfall of the NFL's morality and the ensuing shock. The poor, poor football fans had to be exposed to a woman's body (as if cheerleaders serve a purpose other than unnecessary eye candy.) One of the most infamous moments in a Superbowl halftime show, and Gregory and I were driving around cursing the streets of Buffalo.

 However, the next day at Kissing Bridge did turn out to be one of the best skiing experiences I have ever had. It was a Monday and gloriously free of crowds. The weather had cleared up, so we had snow but no painful windburn. The drive out to the ski resort redeemed the WNY area and we loved it.

 Fast forward to February 2012 - Gregory had to work and I didn't turn on the game at all. Oh yeah, and we now live in the suburbs of Buffalo. The kids monopolize any television viewing and in all honesty, I didn't care about the game. I caught up on any worthwhile commercials via our technology savior: the internet. A win-win! I giggled at attacking cheetahs, naked M&M's and a poor overweight dog without having to care about football! (Although I do share the joy that the win made so many of my friends happy!)

 This should be the part of the post where I lament on how eight years has flown by and it is stupefying how much my life and circumstances has changed. But I won't. We now live in a city we once randomly decided to visit. That opens up all sorts of possibilities, doesn't it?

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