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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Best. Pillow. Ever.

 As a belated Father's Day present, I have been crafting up the idea of making Gregory a pillow. I have made him many a pillowcase over the years, but I wanted to try something different.

Last week I finally got around to finishing the project and presented him with the best.pillow.ever. - inspired by the best. picture. ever.

 See what I mean? Who wouldn't be proud to display a decorative pillow with the images of three crazed children (or possible prison escapees?). Just as you are snuggling into bed, after a long day of disciplining these exact children: you can drift into a peaceful sleep with this image seared into your brain.

 The photo is printed on washable fabric paper, which irons on to the fabric and then was sewn around the edges with fabric to match our t-shirt quilt. Easy enough. In fact, the hardest part of this project was figuring out how to align our printer with the 4 by 6 fabric paper.

Some rough edges, but I used the "heartbeat" stitch on the sewing machine. A new trick for me!

It's still up for debate whose face is the funniest.

The back of the pillow: made with pre-quilted fabric intact with batting (filling). I made a mini-pillow inside with stuffing that can be removed for washing. Because everything in our house gets dirty.
 This is exactly what I am looking forward to marketing/selling on Etsy. I'm happy to send out pictures of my own crazy children or personalize a pillow for anyone who wants one.

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