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Friday, April 29, 2011

Cleaning Conspiracy

 I always find clipping coupons to be very satisfying. While I may use only a few and probably waste more time than the $1.00 off warrants... it is somewhat of a ritual. I also spend that time laughing at the insanely cheesy "gift" advertisements that are thrown in with the coupons. Steelers Christmas ornaments in July, real-as-life baby dolls (I do NOT want to think about who is buying those), weight-loss pills and full-body cleaning aprons.

 Which leads me to these pictures... I am certain that no person, especially a mother, approaches cleaning her house with this kind of zest. Gregory and I just spent the entire day on Tuesday trying to dust/ pick up the first floor because we were having our first dinner guests. And the house was disgusting. Toys everywhere, nestled among dust bunnies, dirty laundry, Easter candy and cat fur. Cleaning in itself used to have some sort of satisfaction. That is no longer true with kids involved. They are magnetically drawn to the exact spot that was just wiped clean. It took us all day because along with cleaning up the grime of every day life... we were still picking up the seemingly ongoing spills and trails left behind the kids.

So why would any cleaning company think that these kinds of advertisements are going to work? They just make me angry and confused. Is it an attempt at brain-washing? Look at that Mom... she LOVES cleaning with her kids right by her side....don't YOU? A conspiracy, I tell you...

Is it necessary for this kid to be aiming the hose at his mother's face?
"Get your effing hands OFF the window I am cleaning!"

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