I Always Feel Like... Somebody's Watching Me!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New City, New Zoo

Yep, that's what we did over the weekend. It was one of the first really pleasant days we've experienced here in Buffalo AND it coincided with Gregory's day off. Amazing.

It is a short drive to the zoo - which is going to be a lifesaver this summer. We purchased the season pass and I have a feeling that I will spend many hours roaming the zoo with the kids as an attempt to keep us from murdering each other without school as an outlet!

As for first impressions, the Buffalo zoo did not fail to make a statement...

 We walked into the admission gate, turned the corner and voila!: mating season. Apparently we are all perverts and a huge crowd was standing and watching these poor bears. Ayla and Jackson didn't ask questions - so it must have gone over their heads. The rest of our trip was PG, so you can read on without worry.
Carrying 21 pounds of Elliot goodness!

A smile! Inside the tropical rainforest

Silly faces.

The new baby gorilla - so cute it hurts. We were lucky to see him this day because the gorillas have been split up recently. The baby's aunt keeps stealing it from the momma!
The playful otters.


  1. I tried to get a pic of otter sex at the zoo once. Hard to try and get that shot without looking like a total perv. Ingrid, age 5 at the time: Mama, look, the otters are tussling!

  2. ...a day when everyone was smiling...loved reading and seeing...

  3. That looks great! I am so jealous of a good zoo. Spencer has NEVER been to a zoo, except a small petting zoo at the local botanical garden. The Myrtle Beach "zoo" is just short of handing out pills and shots at the end of your tour in case of picking up some sort of disease, so we have yet to venture out that way!