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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Toilet Cat

 Her name is Dragonski and the bathroom is her domain. Mostly anyone who uses the bathroom in our home has to suffer the indecency of Dragonski waiting next to the toilet impatiently or trying to bust through the door.

 Our bathroom here is much smaller than the bathroom in our house. Mostly because the bathroom in our rental house is a normal size as opposed to grand ballroom size. So.... Dragonski's lair has downgraded a bit. She isn't hanging out in the bathroom all day anymore, but she certainly still busts into the door as soon as she hears the hint of a flush or even if I'm just washing my face.

  And before you think we are gross - letting our cat chill in the toilet - it is cleaned almost every day and really, I think she just likes to splash. She splashes violently and then might lick her paw. Very dainty. Our beautiful toilet dweller.

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  1. She's gorgeous! She must be very old by now?