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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One less thing to pack

 Our move is becoming official, with dates and everything. Gregory found a great rental house in Buffalo which will be "ours" the second week of February. Our big moving day for furniture and truck rental is tentatively set for the week after that. The renter for our Pittsburgh house will move in shortly after we get this place cleaned out.

 My nights in this house are numbered! Needless to say, I've been packing like a mo-fo. But with packing comes sorting and cleaning and a huge pile for the thrift store. We've downsized on toys, clothes, cookware, papers, children (ha! that would be terrible), etc. It feels good to pack in an organized way so that we aren't loading and unloading things we don't need anymore.

 But the packing just goes on and ON! And at a very slow pace since any progress I make is usually interrupted by a new mess to clean up, meal to feed or diaper to change. Today was a challenging one.
Jackson grabbed a martini glass from the counter before I could wrap it... and when I told him, "No."... he threw it on the floor.

While packing a box upstairs, Jackson "decorates" the rug and tv with a woodcraft marker.  

 Both Jackson and I needed some time-outs and quiet, resting moments in our rooms to get back to normal. Maybe he feels the anxiety and strangeness of packing up all of our belongings and moving far, far away. But I'll think positively... a broken glass is one less thing to pack. The wet vac cleaned up the marker; I caught it before it dried.

 Someday this neverending move will be over.... right?

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  1. Eeek! Well, I'm convinced that Jojo would feel the change coming when I'd start packing for a move and she'd start acting weird, racing around all the time - I'm guessing that it's very likely that Jackson is intuitive enough to know something's up... hang in there!