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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My big little man

Teeth are coming soon - lots of drool and chewing.
Oh, Elliot - how are you six months old already? No really - what happened? How is this possible? I'll say it just as almost every other parent has said before me: it goes by REALLY fast. More so with each child. Maybe I'm just too busy with everyone together to notice time flying by me. With a move and family separation and preschool and potential potty-training with Jackson AND the rest of my life, Elliot is growing up very quickly.

At his most recent check-up, he weighed in at 18 pounds. Good boy! He has delicious rolls on chub on his arms and legs, cankles, knuckles and on his tummy of course. When I change his clothes, I can see the little rings around his body from his rolls folding over on themselves. He is measuring mid-range for his weight, but probably in the 90th percentile for his length. And his head, I'm happy to say, is within normal range! That couldn't be said for my other son. :)

His first time facing out in the Bjorn.

 I am still almost exclusively breastfeeding with a cup of rice cereal and veggies every once in awhile. He even went on a bottle strike for a few weeks, which is something neither Ayla or Jackson ever did. I have been with Elliot a lot more at this age that I was with his older brother and sister. In both cases, I was back at work at least 30 hours a week when they were three months old and they were very comfortable with drinking out of bottles. Elliot did well for awhile - but then figured out he had a choice and would go on a hunger strike until I came home. I think the strike is over because he's gulped down a couple of bottles from Gregory recently.Thank goodness, because while I love that little man, I love my freedom without worrying I'm leaving a hungry baby behind.

 Elliot is happy, giggly and yummy to cuddle with. It's rare to see him in a really bad mood and I'm truly enjoying the "baby stage" with him. I'm appreciating how simple it is to solve the "problems" of a dirty diaper, hunger or sleepiness when comparing it to the behavioral duties and dramas of Ayla and Jackson.

 He is sitting up well with help; but has not successfully rolled over yet. Maybe 18 pounds of baby fat is hard to control? Elliot loves his bouncy exersaucer and was giggling hysterically the other night while I helped him stand up on my lap.
With his cousin Noella at Christmas - it was both their 1st!

Falling asleep cuddling with Aunt Evie
So happy when he wakes up!

 There's just something about him, he's so damn lovable. He smiles at everyone and not once has either Ayla or Jackson shown any sort of ill-will towards him. They would murder each other over a crayon, but come running to comfort Elliot when he is crying. All of these things will change, I'm sure, but the world around Elliot at six months is a pretty happy place.

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