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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Parenthood. Undecided.

I'm talking about the show, not my personal experience. A few weeks ago, I would have said it was one of my favorite shows on tv right now (after Community of course, that show is ridonkulous!). But now I'm not sure.

I'm first and foremost obligated to watch the show because of Peter Krause. He will always be Nate Fisher from Six Feet Under (may he rest in peace, poor Nate) and I will watch any show that features an actor from that series. And his acting is good; my skepticism with Parenthood isn't with the actors - but with the writing and weird, random scenarios that keep popping up.

The storylines that deal with actual parenthood are great. But it's the whole Braverman family overkill that is getting on my nerves. First of all, like any tv family, none of them have jobs that interfere with every single person being able to attend every dinner, birthday, baseball game, trip to the park, holiday, moment of crisis, afterschool snack. They are always together. And it's a little ridiculous to think that every member of your family is and should be interested in spending every minute together. I know I want to see every class or event that my own children are involved in... but do I expect that other people to want to help with my kids homework every night? Not really.

Every episode seems to showcase another epic Braverman family tradition. All of the in-laws have to do it their way, because it is just THAT amazing. No one ever spends a holiday with their spouses families (except for the annoying Jasmine's mother). The show is turning into Braverman Siblinghood. It was such a lame ending for the Thanksgiving show that oh-so-conveniently it was just the four siblings that were picking through the leftovers and dancing. Where the hell did the rest of the family go? Kids, husbands, wives, fiances...they're whisked away when it isn't convenient.

But I'm not getting worked up over a tv show. I'm just disappointed. I guess there might be more families like this than I realize. A little self-absorbed and stuck in the past. I want to see more about parents being parents with their partners, not drama with their brothers and sisters. Don't let me down, Peter Krause!

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