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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Everyone else is doing it... Shutterfly Christmas Cards!

I have a difficult time resisting anything that is free. This probably stems from my college days where I would actually wait in line for a hoagie or attend job fairs and be thrilled over the number of free pens I had accumulated.

I've seen two friends recently write in their blogs that they are participating in the 50 Free Holiday Cards from Shutterfly. This is the way I've always done holiday cards, in the age of digital pictures when I actually have to remind myself to print any of the million photos we take in a year.

So I've jumped on the blog-wagon and am promoting the same thing!

Last year, I used something very similar to the Snow Flurries Cocoa Design. Our only good picture of the entire family, however, was from Halloween. Oh well - I'm sure we still got our sentiments across. It's fun to send out an automatic update to family and friends that I wish I kept in better contact with throughout the year. And the way our family has expanded from Gregory, myself and a couple of cats...to the the minivan riding family of five (plus The Baxter) in a matter of six years, updates are very necessary.

This year I am leaning towards either the Family Wall Noir or Picture Joy designs. We still don't have a good family photo, not even from Halloween. Bad things happen in this household when I have a plan to take photos. Ayla's mood disintegrates, Jackson bangs his face off of something or Elliot decides to take an epic nap just when the time is right.

 While the photographs may take divine intervention, I get a lot of my Christmas gifts along with the cards finished in record time once the kids have gone to sleep.

First of all, the canvas wall art is pretty amazing:
I'm also working on a few calendars for people; which are always essential:

And since I'm so behind on everything, this year the holiday cards might have to double as Elliot's introduction to the world!  The third kid really does get shafted. So, if you hesitated at all this year about sending out cards (I seriously did), try something easier than writing your name four hundred times on cards from Marshall's.


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