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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What does pink mean?

Ahh, the joys of teaching Ayla new things. We've been talking a lot about road signs and stop lights during our cars trips recently. She gets impatient at red lights and starts yelling, "Go, Mom, go! Let's keep going!" So, we turn it into a game and make her tell us when the light is green and we can go. (Don't worry, Pennsylvania, I still look... I'm not leaving it up to chance.) Here are some of things we've discovered about lights and colors and what they mean...

Green = we can go! Yay!
Red = STOP
Yellow = Sloooooow down
Black = Danger ahead
White = It's a snowy day!
Brown = Look out, there's poo poo ahead!
Pink = Bubble gum
Purple = grapes ahead

She's got the important ones down, and perhaps someday we will see a pink octagonal sign warning us about lots and lots of bubble gum. I just hope the sign for brown never ever EVER shows up.

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