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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm in love with a shower

So far, 2009 has been the Year of the Shower. It all started in January when the cold water pipe froze... and then the hot water pipe burst. And we were down one shower. Luckily, we still had our claw-foot tub. But this is the gaping hole that became a part of the scenery for 8 months.

Ayla and Jackson couldn't have cared less. The kitchen sink baths are a novelty and as far as they are concerned, there are more splashing opportunities in the tub. But, for Gregory and myself, it was a hassle. Every "shower" was a two-part process, (1) lean over the tub with the shower attachment washing your hair until your back hurts and (2) clean yourself off like a toddler!

Either we are laid-back or lazy, but this problem wasn't remedied until Gramps took control of the situation. It was just too intimidating to start the project. How in the hell does a person install a new shower? So in June, he forced us to get to Home Depot and pick out a tub. Acknowledging there is a problem is the first step to recovery right?

In the next couple of weeks, in between work and caring for two kids (and my ridiculous fever that I mentioned in an earlier post), Gramps tirelessly built us a new bathroom. He cut tiles, he figured out the plumbing, he built walls! Of course we helped, but let's be honest, we didn't have a clue what we were doing. We just took orders. :)

We already thought it looked beautiful at this point! (Because progress is beautiful, right?)

A finished wall!!!
Gregory takes his measuring very seriously...

And I'm just excited to be here!
OOhh, that scary wet saw...
And, as if our dreams weren't already coming true, he gives us more storage!

And now, everyday, I wake up with excitement to take a shower. Seriously. I love it. I'll never take it for granted again. It's easy, it doesn't leak - there's even a shelf for me to place my shampoo! Thank you Gramps!

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