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Sunday, August 23, 2009

I put my Internet foot in my Internet Mouth

I have to make a few amendments to yesterday's post about the shower. When I said "we", I meant "me". I am the clueless one when it comes to bathroom construction, not Gregory. He put in the hours behind the saws and measuring tape and plumbing configurations. He worked through the week that I was lying in bed, fevering away from a mystery illness.

My only contribution was to keep the children happy and away from sharp screwdrivers and cut tile. (Which I'm not downplaying at all, of course - those pesky toddlers missed their dada!). I also did my best to measure and place the shower tiles, and make several trips to Home Depot.

I apologize Gregory for downplaying your amazing handy-man skills. Although I do get a little sick to my stomach every time you starting using power-saws... you haven't cut off a limb yet, but I still worry!

So thank YOU for putting in our new shower. I love you. But I still love the shower just a little bit more...

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