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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Holden Beach, Part One

Another summer and another visit to Holden Beach. We're lucky to have such a great place to spend our vacations; and great family to visit along the way. As the children get older, we have to be more creative with our travel plans - long gone are the days of making the 12-hour drive in one shot. Factor in bathroom breaks, sanity breaks, meals on the lawn outside of Wendy's - and that drive would turn into at least 15 hours of misery for all of us. Instead, we break the trip in half and try our best to keep a demanding Ayla and Jackson happy.

We left on a Friday morning and drove to Greensboro to catch up with Gregory's aunts, uncles, cousins and Gamma. We got to see the Kilmartin's new house and all of its' spendor! Ayla jumped right into Barbie land and was soon prancing around in Emma's princess outfits. (Not to mention the epic temper tantrum when we had to take it off for dinner).

Ayla isn't upset in Grace's arms - that's just the face she makes when she is pretending to be a princess in need of "true love's kiss".

The night was spent catching up, but I don't seem to have many pictures - everyone else was snapping away! We slept at Gamma's house, which is always very restful. And in the morning, we were ready to face the second half of our trip.

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