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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Night Shift

Every other week, Gregory works at night and I am on my own for dinner prep, dinner service, dinner cleanup, bath, bedtime stories, bedtime battles... the whole ordeal.

Life has been this way since Ayla was born; one of us was always working in the evening. It has benefits, surely, as we take turns sleeping in mornings and driving back and forth from Jackson's preschool. We can work around the house, stuff usually reserved for weekend daylight hours. We also get to wear pajamas a lot.

But it is also quite insane at times. This video proves that no amount of yelling (and threats of withholding dessert) can calm mass hysteria.

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  1. I look forward to the calm after the storm. It's the only sane moments I get in a day....at least for now...Glad to know chaos exists in other homes :D Dinner time in our has all consists of the dogs getting the extras compliments of Easton :D