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Friday, April 20, 2012

A Skewed Reality

We learn new things by relating the unknown to the concepts we already understand, right? Our brain makes pathways between memories, experiences, likes, dislikes and strange new ideas. We use strange logic to comprehend things we may have never seen or experienced... especially in the mind of a three year old.

Jackson is a man of many interests; but lately he has focused much of his attention on Legos, Star Wars, Disney princesses and building spaceships out of anything he can find. He is absorbing so much and communicating the best he ever has. And with more elaborate sentences coming out of his mouth, our conversations only get funnier. I can only imagine what he says at school if this is what we talk about while doing laundry:

(Jackson was asking about all of the warnings on the dryer about not drying clothing soaked with gasoline, etc.)

J: what does this mean?

Me: Oh, that tells us not to put certain things in the dryer or it might explode.

J: yeah! Like the Deathstar!

Me: Exactly.

J: And what does this picture mean?

Me: If you put clothes with gasoline in here, it might catch on fire.

J: Ouch, fire can hurt your butt. Like in the poop book, fire comes out of your butt.

There you have it. Jackson relates fire and explosions to the Deathstar (duh) and our ridiculous poop book that Genevieve gave us for Christmas. It must be the illustrations in the poop book that really make it such an interesting read (because Ayla and Jackson are always up in their room talking about it)... maturity sure is overrated!

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