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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Tundra

 Hey, why didn't anyone tell me it was going to snow in Buffalo? I mean, someone could have given me a heads up! Back to reality: everyone mentioned the snow and (duh!) they were right. Buffalo has held up to its reputation quite well in the week that I've lived here.

 Here's the good news: they know how to handle it here. Snow plows are out and about; and this city lacks the hills, turns and ridiculous bridge traffic, so snowfall isn't treated like the end of the world. I'll know for sure, though, next fall as Buffalo prepares for the onset of winter again. It's usually in the months of October and November that people in the northeast seem to forget how they survived the previous winter and charge the grocery stores like crazy people for water, toilet paper and white bread at the first sign of flurries.

Ayla, Jackson and I ventured out into our huge backyard the other day... and the fun lasted for about a half hour longer than it usually does. Jackson loves picking up the snow but refuses to wear gloves, therefore he is screaming after 5 minutes because his hands are frozen. We explored the awesome swing set (I say awesome not because it is out of the ordinary, but just because we have one) and the shed that will be transformed into a playhouse.

So cute and puffy in snowpants!

My mountain man: breaking a stick over his head.
Gregory's search for a proper rental was worth it: we are outdoor people that will make good use of this yard, even if it looks more like the Antarctic tundra right now.

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