I Always Feel Like... Somebody's Watching Me!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Put a shirt on it

 Anyone who knows our dog Baxter, knows that he is annoying. He howls unnecessary, he gets way too excited ALL of the time and generally doesn't know how to be cool. He has even peed directly on babysitters.

 Baxter makes my daily life just that much harder. He chews the toys that are left on the ground, whines to be let in the house five seconds after being let out and tries to eat food off the table.

He also runs away. And refuses to come back until HE is ready. Bastard. Really. He nearly made me a mental case yesterday while he roamed the new neighborhood (which is pocketed between two really busy roads) and just looked at me while I was screaming his name.

So tonight I decided to just make fun of him and make him wear a t-shirt. It's the most I've ever liked him!


  1. It also probably prevented him from licking 75% of his body! I say it's a keeper.

  2. Baxter, in his tee shirt, looks like Beau, Suzanne and Phil's dog...Beau wears his "in the navy" tee shirt...a must to get the two dogs together with their Buffalo couture...