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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We all fall for Fall

 Fall is my favorite season. It's for selfish reasons - I love anticipating my birthday in October, enjoying my birthday and getting a little bit of both worlds with the weather. It is cool at night, but beautiful in the afternoons and we can still entertain ourselves outside without stuffing our bodies into snowsuits.

 It seems appropriate that my last season here in Pittsburgh is the fall (unless we can't sell our house, then this is only the beginning of the end!). It is bittersweet. I'm taking in the colors of the changing leaves, the scenic drive through Sewickley and its' rows of mansions and all of the familiar "landmarks" of my hometown.

But more on my sappy, teary-eyed, philosophical drives around town later... here are some photos of Ayla, Jackson and Elliot enjoying fall for their own reasons.
Oh, how good it feels to jump into a pile of leaves!

This is while they were both still happy playing together.

Then I turned into a target.

Amazing! Ayla is looking at the camera.

Had to capture the snot.

Ayla tries to rake leaves directly from the source.

Pockles disapproves?

Next year will be different for you, Elliot, I promise!

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