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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Family is the new "F" word?

 It's not coincidence that I've heard basically the same statement from two different people in the same week - that they've come to know the word "family" as a negative one. What I mean is that the word family is now being used as a weapon to fight anyone different, anyone who doesn't fit the stereotype - Mom, Dad, married with children.

It baffles and saddens me that people have the ability to turn the concept of family into something exclusive - as if only some people deserve it. If you aren't 100% normal (and news flash, NO ONE is normal), then watch out! The term "family values" is about to get thrown in your face.

My opinion might not matter much since I am living that typical society-sanctioned life. I have somehow followed life's acceptable plan - I got married to a partner of the opposite sex and then had kids. We've both remained healthy and together and at the moment, do not have anyone else living in our household.

We are blessed - but we are not necessarily the only way to do it. We are not "right", therefore making anyone else wrong. I love my life but I'm not going to use it as ammunition to stop other people from living their own way. If there is love and respect - do what you will. A family is who you love and who loves you. Gay, straight, white, black, adopted, estranged, real or imaginary.

Today, on my 30th birthday, I had a moment of retrospect. I never quite imagined this is the life I would be living. I have three beautiful, healthy, inspiring, amazing children and I am married to quite possibly the most perfect person on the planet. I live in suburbia; I cook dinner and cut coupons. I obsess over a garden and care about household cleaners.Who knew I'd turn out to be such a housewife? :)

 My family is a product of doing what felt and feels right. I love them and try to do the best for them. It just so happens that it is considered acceptable by some people's standards. I want to honor all of the families out there - may you have the joy you are searching for and the rights to pursue them!

Eff this idea that family is an exclusive club. That's boring.


  1. Great post Alexis! I couldn't agree more! Congrats on your amazing life and happy 30th!

  2. Preach on, Alexis.